Dance All Night

Two-step, ball change, do-si-do, waltz. Feather step, gancho, heel turn. Moonwalk, lock step,  thunder clap. Plenty of moves to put into your limbs out there on the dance floor. And as the days get longer, there’s less after dark hours to squeeze it all in. Better get dancing…

I spent an amazing month this spring at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, near Saratoga, Wyoming. In and amongst all the box-stepping round the campfire, I recorded a new album of songs and tunes. Keep your ears open for a single to be released later this year, but as a teaser take a look at this taste of the bass fiddling that will be included on that record.


There have been some great performances of my music this season, too. Jason Hall premiered of I Will Stay Here for tarogato and electronics. The Vancouver Chamber Choir premiered Field Notes (and then the Brooklyn Youth Chorus performed it a few weeks later). And Mark McGregor gave an outstanding performance of Super Super Mother Bad for solo flute. Stay tuned for some audio samples of these and more soon!

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