Plant Trees


As tree planting season is soon approaching, I am reminded of the fantastic month I spent this winter at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, the home of Arbor Day. I’m so grateful for the generosity of organizations that provide artists with space and time to create. And I did make some great headway on a new project for bass and electronics in and amongst all the tree gazing. Pin oak, white oak, bur oak, post oak, black oak, ring-cupped oak, red oak…

I’m back at home now, but not for long. This spring is super busy, and I’ll be running around to all sorts of musical soirees. Just last weekend, I was down in Pullman, WA for Washington State University’s Festival of Contemporary Music where Sophia Tegart gave a brilliant premiere performance of my piece for solo flute, Super Super Mother Bad. And later this month Marina Hasselberg will be performing my newly revised piece for solo cello and live electronics, Beautiful Dreamers, at the Sonic Boom Festival. And if that ain’t enough fun to make a fella faint, Jason Hall gives the premiere of my brand new piece for solo tarogato and electronics, I Will Stay Here, in April. Plus, the Vancouver Chamber Choir gives the premiere performance of Field Notes followed shortly after by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus’ Men’s Ensemble giving the American premiere. Check out the Events page for all the deets…

I’ll be back on the road soon, too. Later this spring I’m fortunate enough to spend a month working alongside other musical, literary, and visual artists at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts on a 15,000 acre ranch not too far from Saratoga, Wyoming. Life is good…

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