Scratchin’ Gravel

Oysterville ChurchThis fall will see some wear on the tires, as I head out on a couple tours. First up is a survey of the smokey regions of North America starting in BC and heading to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. Then, after a month long stopover on the coast at the Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology, I’ll be headed down to California, Arizona, and New Mexico. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get in out of the haze, enjoy a cold beverage, and listen to some music, so check out the details on the Events page.

The last couple months have been really fruitful, too. I spent the month of August holed up among the Sitka spruce and sand spits of the Long Beach Peninsula working on a new piece for bass and electronics that weaves found sounds and interviews with the lovely acoustics of the historic Oysterville Church. Transmitter and Receiver, for mixed choir with piano and electronics, was premiered at the Murau International Music Festival in Murau, Austria. And the tracks from my new recording project spent some quality hours over at Park Sound Studio being mixed by the fabulous Andy Schichter. I’ll be putting some finishing touches on it over the next couple months, and it ought to be out in the new year. Stay tuned…

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