Looking up…

Wow, what a fall. In and amongst all the squirreling away of abundance for the lean winter months, there have been premieres and performances, writing and walking, great conversations and chuckles, and more music than you can shake a stick at (or shake a stick with?). I’ve been teaching a class on musical cultures around the world at Quest University, too, so my ears have been filled with Bibayak hindehoo, Carnatic varnum, and p’ungmul drumming. By the time I’ve gotten around to lifting my head out of the gamelan to attend to the interweb world, the leaves have dropped off the cottonwoods, the mountains have been dusted white, and we’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving twice. Apologies for being out of touch, electronic ether.

Michael Murray performed my piece for solo pipe organ, “Panic at the Discotheque,” a couple times over the last few months. A huge thanks to him for championing this work; it sounds better and better each time I hear it. And the UBC Centennial Quartet gave the world premiere of “A Springboard Not a Tombstone,” which was commissioned in celebration of the university’s 100th anniversary. Across the country over in Nova Scotia, “Five to Nine to Five” was given two fabulous performances by the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra. So great to see young musicians taking on contemporary music! I’m also working on a few new pieces, so stay tuned to hear about upcoming performances in the new year…

And kind words continue to stream in about “Old Paint;” check out the latest from Ear to the Ground. I’m so glad that so many folks are enjoying the record. It’s being played on over 100 radio stations throughout Canada and the US, too; so feel free to call up your local community, college, or public radio station and get a request in!

Finally, as the dark and wet and cold descends on us for the next little while, here’s a reminder of the summer festival season. Thanks to John Marsh for capturing this performance at the Tumbleweed Festival back in September…


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