Goin’ Places That I’ve Never Been…

“Like a band of gypsies, we go down the highway. We’re the best of friends, and we keep insisting that the world turn our way. And our way is on the road again.” – Willie Nelson

The last month has seen me putting some miles on the odometer. I’ve been pretty lucky to be met by fabulous and appreciative audiences across Western Canada and the United States. I’ve been invited over for bison burgers, offered the use of hot tubs, joined in on curbside jam sessions, and been met with so many stimulating and fascinating conversations I’ve lost count. The gratefulness that I feel for all the kind and hospitable people I meet along the road cannot really be measured, but the amazing company you find when traveling and playing songs for folks is why I love to tour.

One of the highlights of the summer’s tour was the two weeks spent as an artist-in-residence in Val Marie, Saskatchewan where I spent my days wandering around Grasslands National Park recording the natural sounds and talking with people about their experience in one of the most amazingly beautiful places I’ve ever been. I wrote some music too, and I mashed it all together into a piece whose title riffs off the fabulous work of acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. You can check out the video for Of the Last Quiet Places below.

Some exciting things are coming up this fall. Michael Murray will give another performance of my piece for solo organ, Panic at the Discotheque, right here in Vancouver. And over on the other side of the country, the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra will give the premiere performance of my piece Five to Nine to Five. Be sure to check out the Events page for all the details.

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