Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Foggy Mountain TopI was driving around Vancouver just the other day with the windows down, college radio blaring from the speakers. And when one Bjork song ended, another Bjork song started; then another and another. This went on for a good half hour; I really love college radio.

And I feel so supported by all the wonderful folks who spin tracks (Bjork and Bjork-less) on college radio. Old Paint spent a good eleven weeks charting on college radio, peaking at the number 8 spot on the national Folk and Roots chart. It’s still getting plays on over a hundred stations in Canada and the US, so don’t be shy to call up your local FM and put in a request.

Around these parts, the skunk cabbage is up, the bears’ll be around pretty soon, and with the lengthening days there’s an impending productive mode starting up. I’m just getting cracking on a new commission from Erato Ensemble which will feature an operatic tenor spinning in circles for six minutes accompanied by Motown-esque vibraphone. And later this spring, Marina Hasselberg and Zhimin Yu will premiere my piece Back in Traffic, for cello and zhongruan, at the Sound of Dragon Festival in Vancouver. Check out the events page for all the details.

That’s not all, of course, but that’s all that all for now. There are many more plans a-hatching, so stay tuned…



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