Chevrolet Setting

“There’s no Riviera in Festus, Missouri; and you won’t find Onassis in Mullinville, Kansas.”

Nor are you likely to find the Great Wall of China in Tacoma, Washington, but you will find me there this month. Same goes for Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer. It’ll be a combination of jet setting and Chevrolet setting over the next couple weeks, and I’m awful excited to see folks all over the western half of the continent.

All the miles (or kilometers) are for good reasons, of course. First, I’ll be heading south to attend the US premiere of my piece “Stars: Childhood” sung by the Dorian Singers. Then, I’ll be heading east to get lost in the Folkways archives and serenade Albertans of various sorts. And finally, I’ll head home to hear the Erato Ensemble give the world premiere of my new piece “This is What Happened.” There’s a heckuva lot of noise to be made; be sure to check out the Events page to find out just exactly where I’ll be scratchin’ gravel next…

I’m also pretty excited to share a recording from the world premiere performance of “Beautiful Dreamers” that occurred earlier this year. Take a listen to Marina Hasselberg on the cello and myself on the laptop:

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