This Is What Happened

Spring might just be my favourite season because it seems like so much is happening. Cherry blossoms erupting out my window, seeds sprouting on the sill, and hummingbirds whipping around the yard. There’s not a dull moment around here.

It’s been awful busy musically as well. I had a great trip out to the Rockies and was so pleased to perform for the very first time in several fine Albertan cities. Liked it so much, I’m already fixing to go back. Vancouver also saw the premiere of a brand new piece that’s part of a larger project of songs using Depression-era oral history as lyrics. The Erato Ensemble gave a great performance, and I’m pleased to share video evidence with you all.

I’m super excited to be working with the Erato Ensemble again this spring on a project of remixes of early music. I’ve taken an aria from an old Handel opera, asked Vancouver poet Kevin Spenst to rewrite the words, and rewritten the piece for two singers, two strings players, four woodwinds, electric guitar, and grand piano with a cast iron skillet placed inside. Should be awesome. Check out the Events page to find out how you can be there.


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