Lucky ’14

I got a feeling about this new year.  I won’t break out all the complicated numerology — sevens and fives and fours, oh my — but I think it just might be a good one.  There’s a lot to look forward to already…

In January, Marina Hasselberg will give the world premiere performance of a brand new piece for solo cello and live electronics at the Western Front in Vancouver.  It’ll be part of the Further Electroacoustic Festival put on by Vancouver Pro Musica, and you can find out the details on the Events page.

Later this spring I’ll be heading out to Alberta.  I feel awful lucky to have received a grant to go explore the Folkways archive housed at the University of Alberta, and I can’t wait to spend some time listening to some old folk records.  I’ll be performing a few shows while I’m in the province, and you can get all the latest tour info on the Events page.

And on the 14th day of this fine year of 14, Rod Matheson posted this video, part of his Everyday Music Project, that he captured from last month’s performance at the Prophouse in Vancouver.  Check out all the great lamps…

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