Hues and Resonances

Sounds of spring: rubber boots sloshing through the mud, the buzzing of the first insects, goldfinches cracking seeds at the feeder, a patter of raindrops on the cold frame, the radio from an open car window, hedge clippers across the way.

Colours of spring: an ochre sludge in the drainage ditch, viridian new growth in the lawn, claret cedar shingles on the house down the hill, amarinthine blooms, cerulean sky.

I wasn’t able to travel to St. John’s, Newfoundland this spring to celebrate our East Coast Music Award nomination for Atlantic String Machine’s Bayfield Sessions, but I did get to chronicle my quarantined spring jaunts around Charlottetown through video and music. I hope that you enjoy the musical journey through my world, and I hope that everything is your world is safe and sound and colorful!

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