(or at least that’s what I imagine a rocket launch sounds like…)

After days and weeks and months and years of hard work my new album, Water in the Draw, is finally launched. There are so many wonderful people who contributed to this thing, and I have so much gratitude for everyone involved. Andy Schichter mixed the heck out of my recordings and Philip Shaw Bova polished them up all nice in the mastering. Amy Leggin painted a stunning image of Brush Creek Ranch, where the album was recorded. And Bren Simmers made it look all fresh and clean with the design work. And a great big thanks to the Charlottetown community who came out celebrate with me at the Release Party.

Physical copies are going out into the world soon, and you’ll be able to pick up your very own copy of the disc at CDBaby when they arrive. You can, of course, stream the album on Spotify or any of the many other places to find musical bits and bytes on the interweb. Happy listening!

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