And the livin’ is easy…

So the trees are starting to leaf out around here, and there are some sure signs that the living is gonna get pretty easy pretty soon. This particular season is going to be jam packed full of tour dates with Atlantic String Machine. We’ll be joining Rachel Beck at a handful of festivals and theatres throughout the Maritimes over the next couple months; and, we’ll be headed out on tour through Quebec and Ontario to visit Owen Sound’s Summerfolk festival towards the hottest part of the season. Check out the EVENTS page for all the details.

We also had the pleasure of celebrating all the great music being made in Atlantic Canada recently by joining Lennie Gallant at the Gala concert of the East Coast Music Awards. With all the talent in town for the event, we couldn’t help but get some great friends into the studio with us to make a few recordings, so be on the lookout for new news about that later in the year.

And in the meantime, keep the stereo cranked and the garden growing…

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