Staying Here

After a while of being on the move, it’s been real nice to settle in one spot. And Charlottetown has been a pretty easy place to get settled into. Beautiful vistas, warm and welcoming community, and a vibrant arts scene. You’ll find me out and about, making noise. Playing symphonic music with the symphony, playing jazz music with the jazzers. And I’ll be joining the fabulous Atlantic String Machine on a handful of dates in the next season. We were just in Pictou, NS over the holiday weekend laying down string tracks for Dave Gunning‘s new record. Great songs with a great vibe! Keep your eye on the EVENTS page for all the upcoming details.

I’m also heading down to Jacksonville, FL this fall to present my piece “Beautiful Dreamers” for cello and live electronics at the Electroacoustic Barn Dance. I’m so thrilled to be working with Nick Photinos (founding member and co-artistic director of the four-time Grammy winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird) on the performance. Nick is an amazing cellist and I can’t wait to hear him take on this piece for its American premiere.

On the topic of solo instruments with electronics, I’m excited to share a bit of a recent performance of “I Will Stay Here” for tarogato and electronics.¬†Esther Lamneck performed this piece at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, and she brings an awesome energy to the instrument. Take a listen…

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