Days Gone By

It’s calendar change over season, time to pay close attention when writing the date, reflect on the last group of months and look forward to the next one. IMG_0525[1]And there are so many great musical adventures ahead, both old music and new music.

This month, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will present a piece of mine and later this spring another piece will see its International premiere. Check out the Events page for all the details.

Plus, I’m in the midst of writing a brand new solo viola piece for Sarah Kwok, a Shakespearean chamber piece for the Erato Ensemble, and a new commission for the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble. Let it be known that there are no shortages of papers littering my desk…

And my new album is getting mixed any day now, so you can expect to see it out in the world later this year. So far, it seems like 2015 is fixin’ to be a good one…

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