These are the days, my friends, and these are the days, my friends…

The full stride days of summer upon us. Tomatoes fruiting, raspberries ripened. The festivals of the past couple months have filled me up with music and friends and dance-flattened grass under my blanket. And I’ve been working on a new album, too – a whole new set of songs, and a whole new new set of songs on top of that. It’s been a pretty awesome summer, so far.

For the next few weeks, though, I’m headed up north to visit some folks and find a quiet place or two. But in the meantime I’d like to share with you a piece I wrote earlier this year that was performed by the Erato Ensemble this summer. The way the piece addresses my fear that we won’t know what we’re doing to this world until it’s too late seemed to strike a chord with at least a few people (you can check out a review of the piece here). And the Erato Ensemble gave it a really fabulous performance. Check it out for yourself:

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