Water in the Draw
Release date: November 15, 2019

1) Echo Chamber
2) Magnetic North
3) Dance All Night
4) Ghost
5) Liberty
6) Oh Me Oh My
7) Sally Ann Johnson
8) Airplane Man

“Adam Hill’s got the whole troubadour-folk thing on lock. His vocal performance is ace. Shout-out to the saloon-style piano that tops this all off.” – Independent Clauses, 2020

“A refreshing release that is both organic and fluid, spontaneous and soulful. I cannot recommend it enough.” – Lonesome Highway, 2019

“Honest-to-goodness alt-country. An inventive musician, he’s sticking to three chords and the truth here and I love it.” – Adobe and Teardrops, 2019

Old Paint
Release Date: June 5, 2015

1) The Cuckoo
2) Cindy
3) Three Hundred Miles
4) Soldier’s Joy
5) Bentonville Blues
6) Burleson County Farewell
7) Rye Whiskey
8) Fortune
9) The Stampede Trail
10) All the Pretty Horses
11) Down By the Riverside
12) Goodbye Old Paint

“A stroke of genius. Hill has a great talent as a musician. A great love of the tradition of folk music underpins every song.” – Americana-UK, 2015

“Slaps and thrums with old-time energy.” – The Modern Folk Music of America, 2015

“Adam has an abundance of talent and an innate understanding of this old music. A tremendous collection.” – American Roots UK, 2015

Two Hands, Tulips
Release Date: July 4, 2012

1) Sarabande I
2) These Vignettes
3) The Train that Carried My Girl From Town
4) French Films
5) With Wistful Glances
6) For Me and My Gal
7) He Calls that Religion
8) I Shall Not Be Moved
9) Dust Disease
10) Raleigh and Spencer
11) CLQK
12) She Heard a Sound
13) Sarabande II

“The songwriting is hands-down brilliant, his lyrics filled with sensitivity and humour.  The album’s structure is no less brilliant, hinting at Hill’s experience as a composer.  His use of such recurring motifs makes the album seem like some sort of a rondo. If you thought folk music was simple, think again.” – The Grapevine, July 2012

“Hill exceptionally integrates folk stylings with modern pop sensibility. It’s a true joy to hear something that grabs you immediately. Clever lyrics and nifty arrangements make for great songwriting.” – The Dadada, June 2012

Them Dirty Roads
Release Date: March 31, 2009

1) Prelude
2) Angeline the Baker
3) Wyoming Skies
4) High Road
5) Intermezzo I
6) Fueled Up
7) State of Grace
8) Streetlamps and Stardust
9) Golden State
10) Fools Gold
11) Intermezzo II
12) The River Where She Sleeps
13) Ribbons and Curls
14) Coda

“An album that is a joy from beginning to end. Hill is a most impressive songwriter, but his performance skills are what sends this album soaring.” – Aiding and Abetting, 2009

“An essential album for folk lovers; and, for musicians looking to bring the genre to a new level, Adam Hill has set a very high bar.” – What’s Up Magazine, 2009

“Adam Hill is a treat and a half.” – Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange, 2009

Four Shades of Green
Release Date: August 12, 2007

1) Down in the Valley
2) Empty Rows
3) Next Stop Winona
4) Maybe Crazy Baby
5) Down in the Valley
6) Beulahland
7) Clap and Sing
8) Cup of Dawn
9) Portland Winter Blues
10) Down in the Valley
11) Banks of the Ohio
12) Charcoal Crumbles
13) Down in the Valley

“Here is a truly creative songwriter, as well versed in traditional bluegrass as in the avant-garde.” Random Tracks, 2008