Merry and bright…

Wow, playing at the Prophouse is like taking a step into a different era.  But it has been an immense honour to take part in the Takin’ Turns songwriter circle a couple times this season, helping to raise more than a thousand dollars for the Crisis Centre for Suicide Prevention.  Give Chris Ronald and Glenn Chatten a big pat on the back next time you see ’em; they worked awful hard putting this thing together.

It is getting to be that darkest time of year.  But I’ve chopped down a gangly Sitka spruce which is sitting in my living room, and that’s adding a few more colored lights to the mix.  And there are lots of exciting musical happenings in the new year to look forward to, too.

I’ll be hitting up a few folk clubs throughout British Columbia in 2014, so dust off your autoharp.  Stay tuned to the EVENTS page for the latest tour updates.

I’m also thrilled that Marina Hasselberg will be premiering my new piece entitled “Beautilful Dreamers” at the Western Front in Vancouver this January.  She’ll be sawing the cello; I’ll be holding down the laptop.  And, a little further down the road, the Dorian Singers will be giving the US premiere of my piece “Stars: Childhood,” featuring the poetry of Maleea Acker, this March in Tacoma.   Just head to the EVENTS page for all the details.

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